Loyally Broadsoft Call Control

A fully integrated Call Control for Broadsoft

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Please be advised there may be additional costs associated with this integration. Please contact Loyally for further details on their pricing. In terms of Zendesk commercials, this integration is available only to agents with 'Talk - Partner Edition' seats see zendesk.com.).

Loyally’s Broadsoft Call Control app, offers a superior user experience for far less then you might expect.

  • Automatic customer search and ticket registration- Click-to-dial- Customer card pop-up- Workflow support- Transferring calls and tickets- Toggle recording- Single sign-on- Full control of telephony functionality in Zendesk screen- And much more...

All this helps organizations to optimize the contact with clients and the efficiency of the help desk.Loyally’s Broadsoft Call Control app is highly adaptable to personal demands, wishes and circumstances. Implementation takes only two days, and full support is available.

We like to tell the full and real story of our apps: they do cost money. After you’ve been convinced by our – free – demo, you can order the tool directly at Loyally.

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