The LiveOps Cloud based contact centre integrates directly with Zendesk

Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see ).

In today’s economy, businesses need to create a balance between delivering a great customer experience and achieving operations excellence so they can do more with less. Integrating the contact center with Zendesk fuels Customer Experience Management and positively impacts your operations bottom line.

LiveOps is the leading cloud contact center solution that increases the value of every customer interaction for you and your customers. With LiveOps for Zendesk, your contact center is seamlessly integrated into your CRM to deliver a more engaging customer experience while significantly improving agents’ productivity.

Integrated Phone Panel:

  • Comprehensive embedded telephony capabilities with Zendesk Top‐Bar App
  • Inbound, outbound, blended call type selection
  • Full transfer and consult features, post call wrap‐up, agent status control, and more

True Cloud Advantage:

  • Seamless integration
  • No hardware, no software,and no plug‐ins
  • Zero footprint for Zendesk and for the LiveOps contact center
  • Hassle‐free maintenance reduces operational costs

Turbo‐Charged Outbound Dialing:

  • Fully integrated Click‐to‐Dial
  • Increase agent productivity and improve customer experience

Smarter Analytics:

  • Interaction details automatically inserted into tickets
  • Time/Date stamps and “Play Call Recording” links
  • Improves reporting, dashboards and Business Analytics

360‐Degree Service Support Management

LiveOps for Zendesk gives your support agents a complete integrated solution that enables them to better manage every customer case towards a faster resolution.

With LiveOps you get the most sophisticated telephony platform for voice Interactions.

Benefits of the LiveOps Platform:

  • Industry leading multi‐channel routing engine
  • Global call delivery and redundancy
  • Audio Recording w/ 12‐month storage included
  • PSTN, SIP, and WebRTC media delivery for the most flexible cloud solution
  • Unified desktop for multi‐channel interaction handling
  • Simplified licensing
  • Full life‐cycle reporting & blended Multi‐channel reporting
  • Add new agents and supervisor instantly
  • Live Dashboards and Silent Monitoring world‐wide
  • Drag‐and‐drop Call Flow Authoring

Benefits, features and options of the LiveOps for Zendesk integration:

  • Intelligent Inbound call routing, skill assignment and queueing
  • Outbound click‐to‐call
  • Embedded voice tools with transfer and conference capabilities
  • Allow agents to take and place calls without leaving the Zendesk console
  • Screen pop based on Caller ID (ANI) and/or ticket lookup
  • Automatic new ticket generation
  • Interaction details posted into tickets
  • Embedded link to call recording
  • Activity alerts
  • Supports WebRTC audio embedded in the Zendesk web browser

Zendesk Integration

Solution Architecture: The LiveOps Zendesk integration allows customers the ability to do custom screen pops for inbound callers. There are three components to this integration:

  1. A web service integration during the arrival phase of a call flow, using LiveOps Data Exchange. This web service integration helps identify a customer record (also known as a user profile) by querying Zendesk data using the inbound caller’s phone number
  2. LiveOps screen pop to open up the customer record (also known as the user profile) on the agent’s Zendesk desktop (if a single record is found)
  3. A private Zendesk app to allow agents to dial from within Zendesk while viewing a customer record or ticket (where a properly formatted phone number is present)

Prerequisites: This integration requires that the Zendesk API channel be enabled for password access. This feature must be enabled by the Customer’s Zendesk administrator. LiveOps will require Zendesk credentials for API access (admin user name/password). This user is not to be shared for other purposes.

The integration also requires that the user profiles of all LiveOps agents be configured with their “LiveOps Chat Name” set to their respective Zendesk user ID.

In order to use the click-to-dial feature the Customer’s Zendesk administrator must deploy the click-to-dial app that LiveOps will provide.

The agent’s browser must allow pop ups from your LiveOps hosted call center.

Technical Implementation: The LiveOps screen pop integration for Zendesk uses the Zendesk search API. The search query is based on type being user and phone being the caller’s phone number.

Example: search.json?query=type:user phone:15123423456 phone:14082342345

The search API will return certain data elements, from which the LiveOps Zendesk integration will parse out the count of search results, as well as the Zendesk ID for the first result returned.

When the call is delivered to the agent, a hidden iFrame browser window will open up (and then close) on the agent’s desktop to trigger the Zendesk screen pop in the agent’s Zendesk UI. The Zendesk screen pop is only triggered when there is a single search result. If no results are returned or if multiple matches are found then no screen pop is performed.

This integration requires the agent to be logged in the LiveOps call center.

App Details

  • Author: LiveOps
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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