Kore streamlines business operations with a single, simple, messaging interface

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Kore streamlines business operations and communications with a single, simple, message-based interface. Kore’s revolutionary platform drives workplace productivity with powerful “bots,” which allow users to both receive alerts from the systems they use and send information back to those systems right from a message, all from within Kore. By empowering users to perform important tasks from the same interface they use for communicating and collaborating with colleagues, Kore increases productivity while dramatically simplifying workflows.

Built with the enterprise in mind, Kore is an all-in-one messaging solution, featuring messaging and file management for individuals and groups, collaborative spaces, industry-leading administrative controls, and more. By combining the consumer-grade design that modern teams want with the enterprise-grade administrative features that you need, Kore ensures that your organization remains compliant with ever-changing regulatory mandates while empowering your team to accomplish more.

Learn more by visiting https://kore.com/.

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