Get international phone numbers and make & receive calls from anywhere in world.

Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricing ).

Get a local or toll-free phone number in any of the 58 countries (including US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Japan, European countries & more) and start making & receiving calls and SMS.

Small businesses need a phone system:

  1. Easy & quick to setup
  2. Useable by anyone (tech or non-tech)
  3. Scalable (grows with team)
  4. Integrates with CRM systems
  5. Affordable
  6. Flexible and easy to shift to new location
  7. International calling & virtual numbers
  8. Team collaboration

Say Hello to JustCall (https://justcall.io) - VOIP Phone System for your business. No SIM or new Hardware required. Just use your mobile device and Justcall.io account.

  • Get virtual phone numbers in 59 countries
  • Start making or receiving calls or texts in 30 seconds
  • Setup a call center using own phone devices
  • Track calls and listen to call recordings

Why JustCall is right for your business? Because of the following features:

  1. Multiple numbers - Manage and use multiple international numbers
  2. Call from our apps or website. No new hardware or SIM.
  3. Concurrent calls – Create a call center with team member devices
  4. Office hours settings – Forward unanswered calls to voicemail or team members
  5. Send and receive text messages – verify Whatsapp account with international number
  6. Call recordings, ratings and notes for tracking calling activity
  7. Schedule calls – with in-built calendar and Google calendar integration
  8. Custom IVR– Setup custom IVR for each phone number. Easy drag and drop. (Launching soon)

Justcall Integrates with following popular CRMs or apps:

  • Zapier
  • Intercom
  • Zendesk
  • FreshDesk
  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive
  • Groove
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calendar

You can import all your business contacts by importing your Google contacts,by uploading iPhone or Android contact list or CSV file.

What benefits will I get by using Justcall?

  1. Be local, sell global (Increases conversions)
  2. Calls made easy (Increases productivity)
  3. Work as a team (Team Collaboration)
  4. Work from anywhere (Increases productivity)
  5. Scalable & affordable (Saves money)
  6. Sound professional (Increases sales )

How to get started with JustCall?

  1. Get Phone Numbers - Instantly: Get phone numbers in over 58 countries and look local to your customers.
  2. Assign Numbers: From single dashboard, assign phone numbers to all your team members. Make, track and monitor calls with ease.
  3. Import Contacts: Import your customer contacts through contact importer or integrations. And, start scheduling your calls.
  4. Make and Receive Call: Start making calls from computer or phone using Justcall. Receive calls on your own number.

To get detailed installation instructions for JustCall app, go to this link - https://justcall.io/help/how-to-configure-my-zendesk-integration/

JustCall – Zendesk integration lets you call your customers and prospects directly from your dashboard. Apart from this, all calling activity that happens in JustCall is synced with Zendesk dashboard. Tickets are created against customers on Zendesk, whenever there is an incoming call from a customer or an outbound call from an agent.

JustCall App for Zendesk

We have created a special JustCall dialer that is directly available in your Zendesk – giving you the ease of calling your customers without leaving your dashboard even for once. Follow the steps below to install JustCall dialer in your Zendesk

  1. Login to your Zendesk account and find JustCall app in the Zendesk App Marketplace.
  2. Click on Install button and select a Zendesk portal where you want to install JustCall dialer
  3. The app will be available in your Zendesk portal on top bar. You can now start making calls right from your portal.

Enable activity logging and contact sync

  1. Login to your JustCall account - https://justcall.io/login.php
  2. Go to Integrations and click on add + against Zendesk Integration
  3. A dialog box will open, where you have to submit your Zendesk URL: https://{yourzendesksubdomain}.zendesk.com (do not forget to put the whole URL with the leading https://)
  4. Click on Add this integration button. You will be redirected to Zendesk servers, where in you have to authorize JustCall App to access your account on your behalf.
  5. You may be asked to login to your Zendesk account, before you can authorize JustCall App. Once you have authorized JustCall – you will be redirected back to our servers with a confirmation message.

That’s it. Your contacts will be synced with Zendesk. For every outbound call made by an agent or any inbound call from your customer, activities will be logged as tickets in Zendesk dashboard. You will also get to listen call recordings and voicemails embedded in the ticket description.

If you have any queries regarding this integration, you can always connect with us – help@justcall.io

App Details

  • Author: Gaurav Sharma
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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