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The HubSpot integration for Zendesk allows your support team to view and create different events that are happening in HubSpot directly from a ticket in Zendesk.

You can easily control how much the support team should be able to see, so this gives them the opportunity to give the customer a proper answer without leaving Zendesk and without bothering your sales organization.

Core features

The HubSpot integrations have a lot of helpful features that will save your customer service operation a lot of time and communication. We’ve collected some of the core features down below.

View and create Contacts or Company

The HubSpot integration enables your agents to view an existing HubSpot contact/company or to create a new one if the contact is not created yet. All from the Zendesk interface.

View and create Deals

The app automatically finds the contact or company in HubSpot, so your agents can create or view deals from the inside of a ticket within seconds.

View and create Engagements

Create engagement tasks like meetings, calls or emails in seconds with the HubSpot integration from Zendesk. It also allows your agents to see previous Engagements timeline, so your agents get a quick overview.

Restricted use

Zendesk admins can control how much your support agents are able to see. That way you make sure, that they only see the information they need.

You can also make sure that the most important properties are shown as the first thing with our easy to use drag and drop function.


We think we did a pretty good job making the app, but our opinion really doesn’t matter. You’re the important one. So, if you’re missing a feature or something could be better, we’d love to hear from you. Head over to our community, to raise your voice.

Made by

The HubSpot integration for Zendesk is made by If you have any feature request or general feedback, head over to our community right here.

We’re experts in how to optimize your customer service operation by using Zendesk. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands doing it and we’re the only Zendesk Premier Solution Provider in Scandinavia.

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