Create tickets from social messages appearing in Hootsuite

Manage all your social media in one place. From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media. Hootsuite helps teams engage with audiences schedule content across multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ from one secure web-based dashboard.

The Zendesk App for Hootsuite allows customer support teams to monitor and manage their social media channels and support tickets from one location in Hootsuite. Easily manage, create, edit and share tickets from one central location. Create 'twickets' from Twitter and tickets from Facebook posts, then manage them through to resolution from the Zendesk stream.

Key Features include:

  • View a stream of Zendesk Tickets in the Hootsuite dashboard
  • Create Zendesk Tickets from Facebook messages or 'Twickets' from Twitter
  • View ticket details including status, requester, subject, description, comments, groups, assignees and more
  • Update and edit tickets, add comments or internal notes
  • Search for tickets by keyword or ticket ID
  • Filter streams by ticket status, group and assignee

The Zendesk app integration is available in the Hootsuite dashboard. In order to use the app integration, you must first have a Hootsuite account. If you have an account, or after you create an account, login to the Hootsuite dashboard and follow the steps below:

  • Select "App Directory" from the launch bar on the left-hand side of the Hootsuite dashboard
  • Search for the Zendesk app integration listing and select "Install"
  • Select whether you want the new Zendesk stream to appear: in a new Hootsuite tab or an existing tab
  • Select "Finish" in the popup window

You should now see the new Zendesk stream appear. Click on the "Connect to Zendesk" button to configure your Zendesk account.

To create a Zendesk ticket or a Zendesk Twitter ticket, click the ellipsis menu and "Send to Zendesk." The first time you select this, you will need to configure what Zendesk account you wish to use. Once logged in, click Settings > Twicket to configure the Twickets Setting.

If you already have a Hootsuite account, you can simply click the following link to install the app directly in your HootSuite dashboard: http://hootsuite.com/dashboard#/app-details?id=1160

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