Engaged by Mzinga

Engaged by Mzinga

Create support tickets easily in Zendesk from your Engaged Customer Community.

Enable peer-to-peer collaboration and provide a premium level of online customer service with a Social Customer Support Community powered by Mzinga’s OmniSocial Engaged.

Customer Communities are critical to a business’s overall customer experience. Customers and consumers can find the trusted answers they are looking for, direct from your website, mobile app, social networks, and search engines, without ever having to call for support. This results in reduced support costs and increased customer satisifaction.

When users ask a question in your Customer Community that requires a helpdesk ticket to be created, the OmniSocial Engaged integration with Zendesk allows permissioned Admins and Community Managers to create, update, and prioritize tickets quickly and easily.

In the OmniSocial Engaged Control Center as a permissioned Admin, go to Site Configuration > Zendesk Integration. From here, you can turn on your Zendesk integration, enter your Zendesk URL and permission. You can link your Community Admin account with your Zendesk permissions or you can grant a whole tier of community admins access to a shared Zendesk account. Permissioned users will then see the (submit to) Zendesk button on all messages within the community.

For more information: Mzinga (www.mzinga.com); OmniSocial Engaged solution for Social Customer Support (www.engaged.com).

App Details

  • Author: Dana Brunt
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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