The Knowledge Base Software that scales with your Product.

Document360 helps you to create user-friendly documentation, author in Markdown, and manage multiple versions. The product scales easily with your business.

With the new Zendesk integration, you will equip your agents with all your knowledge without leaving Zendesk. With our handy app, you will be able to search through the knowledge base, link the articles or create them from your current reply.

Search & Suggestions

Document360 Search

The same powerful search engine available inside Document360 is also available inside Zendesk. You will be able to quickly find articles that will help you to get the right answer for your ticket.

To make things easier and faster, we will automatically search the knowledge base using the ticket title and return any matching articles.

Open Articles

Document360 Open Article

You have found the article, but you are unsure if the content is correct? With Document360 you can open them directly in Zendesk. There is no need to switch tabs to ensure that the article you are about to link is correct.

Insert Link or Content

Document360 Link Content

Once you find the right article to help you with the reply, you can open and read the article to help you structure the response message.

Alternatively, you can insert article link or the article content directly to the reply editor, everything without leaving Zendesk.

Create Articles

Document360 Create Article

We learn something new every day, even the biggest of knowledge bases won’t have all the answers. We understand it, therefore, we allow your agents to create articles from their replies. There is no need for additional team accounts, new content can be created directly in Zendesk by any agent. The article will be created in draft state, allowing your editors to review and enhance the article before publishing to the public.

Find out more about Document360

If you are keen on learning more about Document360 and how we can help you create a better knowledge base request a demo or go to our home page.

  1. Go to your knowledge base project settings
  2. Open Integrations
  3. Next to Zendesk generate a new token
  4. In Zendesk marketplace click install on Document360
  5. Choose the account and click install again
  6. Once redirected enter the token generated in Document360 and click install
  7. You are ready to go

App Details

  • Author: Document360
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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