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Manage your data with advanced search, export, and removal.

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Notice: Due to a Zendesk API change, export of search results is limited to 1,000. Data Manager allows you to customize data exports of business critical data (tickets, users, etc.) and metadata (triggers, views, automations, macros). The app also offers an interface that is easier to use than native Zendesk functionality for removing data. There are many ways to filter and display your data. Supported download formats are CSV, JSON, and XML. This is the perfect app for your business's data archival, information retrieval, and reporting needs.

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  • A beautifully simple user interface
  • Search for tickets users, organizations, and groups by selecting up to 16 different filters
  • Search for automations, macros, triggers, and views
  • Export file results in CSV, JSON, and XML
  • Easy to check and remove data
  • Choose any default or custom fields to display
  • Order search results by date created or updated (plus other ordering options)
  • Autocomplete dropdown on user, tag, and organization filter fields
  • Fully compatible on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11


  • Filters: Status, Priority, Date, Type, Group, Organization, Commenter, Subject, Tags, Assignee, Requester, CC, Description, Channel, Brand, Custom Field Value
  • Displayable fields: Id, Subject, Type, Group Id, Assignee Id/Name, Requester Id/Name, Requester Email, Status, Priority, Created At, Updated At, External Id, Channel, Description, Recipient, Submitter Id/Name, Organization Id/Name, Collaborator Ids, Forum Topic Id, Problem Id, Due At, Brand Id, Has Incidents, Tags, Satisfaction Rating, Ticket Form Id/Name, Custom Fields
  • Sorting options: Relevance, Updated At, Created At, Priority, Status, Type


  • Filters: Date, Role, Name, Email, Group, Organizations, Notes, Details, External Id, Phone, Tags
  • Displayable fields: Id, Name, Email, Phone, Role, Tags, Organization Id/Name, Active, Chat Only, Last Login At, Created At, Updated At, External Id, Notes, Time Zone, Verified, Custom Fields
  • Sorting options: Relevance, Updated At, Created At


  • Filters: Date, Name, Notes, Details, Tags
  • Displayable fields: Id, Name, Details, Tags, Created At, Updated At, External Id, Group Id, Notes, Custom Fields
  • Sorting options: Relevance, Updated At, Created At


  • Filters: Date, Name
  • Displayable fields: Id, Name, Created At, Updated At
  • Sorting options: Relevance, Updated At, Created At


  • Search for automations, macros, triggers and views by title
  • Displayable fields: Id, Title, Active, Actions, Restrictions (views), Execution (views), Conditions, Created At, Updated At, Highlights, Position
  • Sorting options: Relevance, Alphabetical, Created At, Updated At, Position

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Matthew Rosendin
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