Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer

Customer feedback icons you can embed in your footers, registers vote instantly

Customer Thermometer is a fully flexible customer satisfaction rating system. You can embed a range of satisfaction rating buttons - from traffic lights to smileys to seasonal and holiday icons - at the foot of your Zendesk emails and threads. You can even create your own buttons.

When customers click to rate your support or service, their feedback is instantly registered, meaning even if they don't fill in any further detail on the landing page, you are still able to track their views on your service.

All clicks and comments are posted back to your Zendesk account in real time.

You can also set up our service to:

  • alert you, or any group of individuals, to unhappy customers via instant email or iOS/Android alert
  • insert custom fields to pull through agent names, product names, country/territory names, or any other data you wish to report on
  • see a real time dashboard of feedback trackable to both individual customers and the agents who served them

Find out more about how to set up the integration here

Find out all about the power of Customer Thermometer with this 3 minute feature tour.

Zendesk integration is available for Customer Thermometer 'Jumper' accounts and above. You can also test the service with our free account no credit card is needed.

To embed our one-click Thermometer survey at the bottom of your support emails, follow the simple instructions on this page. A summary is below:

  1. Log into your Customer Thermometer account and click ‘settings’ on your toolbar.
  2. Open the 'Embedded Thermometers' tab and enable them. Don’t forget to click save.
  3. Choose 'Manage Thermometers' and click the 'Embedded Thermometers' tab, which you’ve just enabled.
  4. Create a new 'Embedded Thermometer', select the 'Zendesk' option and fill in the fields to link your Customer Thermometer and Zendesk accounts together.
  5. Continue down the page and customise your text and buttons to suit your brand and company.
  6. Click 'Save and preview' to see what your footer will look like and once you're happy, copy the HTML code generated to your clipboard.
  7. Log into your Zendesk account. Visit your 'Admin' panel and scroll down to 'Business Rules' > 'Triggers'.
  8. Decide whether to embed your Thermometer into all support tickets sent or create your own unique Trigger. Once your trigger is set up – paste the HTML code from your Customer Thermometer account into the bottom part of the email body
  9. Sit back and watch your customer feedback roll in!

App Details

  • Author: Lindsay Willott
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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