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Check the quality of contact in the most practical and dynamic way.

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The Customer humor was constructed to stabilize the attendance qualification register by your operator! Throughout the communication, the operator records how the attendance is it going, so besides the possibility of seeing CSAT, you can have a thermometer of attendance operation with all knowledge of your operation.

All the questions that are asked on the report are customizable during the installation, so you have the opportunity to realize whatever search you want, and select one of four options if you let all of them blank, we've some patterns that can help you.

We've some different ways to make an answer, so the app is useful and dynamical. Here it follows an example:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score

(The CSAT level is classified by 5 levels, from satisfied to unsatisfied)

  1. Grades from 1 to 10

(Make an answer divided from 1 to 10)

  1. Yes/No

(Register your answer, accurately, using yes or no)

  1. Customer Feeling

(Indicate how your customer is feeling in the moment)


All fields can register the results in fields that are automatically built by the App, and the App can register in tags too. Here it follows all fields created:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Grades Field

  • Is Resolution OK?

  • Customer Feeling

Besides, you can extract all the data and measure your results.

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