Create and link Clubhouse Stories from Zendesk tickets

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With the Clubhouse - Zendesk integration, you can easily associate Zendesk tickets with Clubhouse Stories to ensure that all bugs are fixed and great feature suggestions are captured.

Assign and Track Bugs

Sometimes bugs can be tackled at the support desk, but other times they require work on the engineering side. By creating and associating a Clubhouse Story with an outstanding ticket, you can be sure that the right member of your team can pick up that work. Tickets can be added to Stories in either the Zendesk or Clubhouse interface.

Add New Support Ticket

Boost Feature Requests

Customers are often overflowing with suggestions for how your product could be enhanced. When requests come in for feature improvements, you can either search for the existing Story and attach the Zendesk ticket or create a new Story to capture newly requested ideas.

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