CloudSET Conditionality

CloudSET Conditionality

Manage visibility of custom fields based on values of other fields

CloudSET Conditionality App controls the visibility of custom ticket, user, and organization fields and/or values within a custom field, depending upon the value selected on another field (custom, system, brand, roles, sharing agreements, forms, or group). This extended business logic can be applied to both the agent and end-user interface's.

This allows for the hiding of unnecessary information until such time as it becomes relevant, thus de-cluttering interfaces and focusing attention on the most important details.

Note: This capability is not part of the previous generation a CloudSET Apps Packs. Whilst Basic & Advanced CloudSET Apps Packs aren't sold anymore, CloudSET Apps packs will continue to work, be reconfigured on Zendesk, and will still be maintained by Coherence Design. Upgrades and migration paths will be offered to existing CloudSET App Pack customers wishing to move to take advantages of richer and consolidated functionality offered by CloudSET Conditionality.

Conditionality can be applied in parallel to implemented conditional forms, and/or individually with unlimited cascade levels. Mandatory behaviour, including immediate or when solving choices, is enforced based on visibility of fields exposed by conditionality.

Note: User/Organization custom fields currently, can only support conditional display, and not dependent value sub-setting; nor do they lend themselves to mandatory field setting.

Conditionality is also implemented on the Zendesk Help Center, by means of a dynamically implemented CloudSET widget, which only requires a one-time snippet code deployment. Changes in configuration are instantly implemented. To support differences between agent & end-user experiences, specific ticket field values can also be excluded from the custom fields on Help Center ticket form(s).

Advanced configuration tools enables easily set-up and changes the conditional settings. This includes defining conditional rules, the rules grouping, and positioning to aid better management. A browse facility provides a way to see which fields are controlling and which are controlled, and tracing back to which rules employ them. A simulator tool enables pre-deployment testing to see how your conditionality rules will get applied, and which rules are being used.

Note: The CloudSET Conditionality App is available for free on all sandbox accounts to enable evaluation and ongoing testing.

The CloudSET Framework is included on all accounts. This provides a hub for all CloudSET purchased Apps, with access to Help Center integration services, and billing management.

Note: The CloudSET Framework, and in particular the configuration tools require API access to your Zendesk, via Zendesk's secure OAuth mechanism, which can be revoked at any time from the Owners account security setting.

The following guidelines are provided to help you proceed with purchase and implementing this App:

Note: Installation on a Zendesk sandbox is very similar, although billing details will not be collected as the App is provided free of charge.

  • After completing the Zendesk App Marketplace purchase, which includes a Free 30 day trial, we recommend that you accept the native app configuration settings defaults. Use the Inline Manual provided with the CloudSET Framework to learn more about the settings available.
  • Select the the CloudSET Conditionality icon on the left-hand navigation highlighted by Zendesk tool tip. This will expose an embed CloudSET Framework, which will start Zendesk secure OAuth authentication, based on the currently logged in admin user.
  • This authentication can be revoked at any time by that admin user using user account security settings. This is needed to enable the configuration tool to read and write app configuration data to the Conditionality App installed on Zendesk.
  • Once completed, a billing details screen will be presented to capture invoicing address details. Invoice history and records can be thereafter accessed and downloaded.
  • Navigate the CloudSET Framework navigation to the Conditionality configuration to start to build and apply conditionality extended business logic. This can be tested using the simulator before saving the configuration which implements the desired behaviour.
  • Integration with the Zendesk Help Center can be achieved by navigating to the CloudSET Framework Help Center section, where a one-time deployment snippet code generator is provided with detailed install instructions. Where a SSL mapped domains(s) and branding is in place, a tool is provided to let us map these into CloudSET.
  • If Zendesk security Restricted IP has been set-up, details of can be obtained from the CloudSET Framework Zendesk(s) tab, together with Forget Token method to support changing admin user account.

Note: If other CloudSET App are subsequently purchased, neither the OAuth Authentication, billing, nor Help Center integration steps are required as these a centrally managed with the one CloudSET Account which is automatically created on the first app purchase and install.

App Details

  • Author: Coherence Design Ltd
  • Price: Free 30-day trial, then $6.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0.20
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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