BubbleIQ Discord Integration

BubbleIQ Discord Integration

2-way integration between Zendesk tickets and Discord conversations

Discord + Zendesk = <3

BubbleIQ allows you to seamlessly integrate Zendesk tickets with Discord to enable customer support, IT, and HR teams to supercharge everyday workflows between their two favorite tools.

Zendesk tickets are synced with a message in Discord. Messages can automatically create responses to the Zendesk ticket, allowing coworkers or customers to respond in a familiar chat-based environment while keeping everything organized.

Agent responses from Zendesk are Direct Messaged to the requester of the ticket in Discord. Agents can also assign, tag, prioritize, and respond to the ticket inside Discord.

For Customer Support Managers

  • Improve engagement with other teams in your company.

For IT and HR Teams

  • Turn direct messages in Discord into Zendesk tickets
  • Allow employees to create tickets using a slash command in Discord.
  • Responses to the ticket from Zendesk post back as a Direct Message in Discord
  • Employees can respond via Discord without switching context.

For Managing Customers in Discord

  • Provide high touch customer support in Discord channels while ensuring everything is tracked via Zendesk. *Customers' Discord messages can be easily turned into Zendesk tickets
  • Customers will see responses to tickets from inside Discord.

BubbleIQ has a free 7 day trial to test out the functionality before you buy. Install it on Discord and Zendesk today: https://www.bubbleiq.com/zendesk-discord

Getting Started with BubbleIQ

Installation is simple:

  1. Install the Discord App and authorize Zendesk at BubbleIQ.com/zendesk-discord
  2. Follow the instructions from the BubbleIQ Zendesk Bot and start syncing tickets!
  3. After your 7 day free trial, come back to BubbleIQ to purchase your subscription.

App Details

  • Author: BubbleIQ
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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