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AnsweriQ uses the power of AI & RPA to achieve Zero Contact Resolution (ZCR) for your customer service i.e. resolve cases without an agent ever touching it. AnsweriQ’s ZCR is achieved through its three product offerings below

  1. Robo Assist - All businesses get tons of requests from customers which require agents to traverse through multiple systems and perform certain set of actions and respond back to the customers. Robo Assist is an intelligent process automation tool that understands the intent of the customer request and performs the same set of actions as the agent without the agents having to intervene.
  2. Self Assist - works on the power of AI to understand the content and context of customer query even before a contact is created and matches them with relevant knowledge articles to deflect tickets with the depth of the knowledge base. Our customers have seen up to 25% tickets deflected with self-assist.
  3. Auto Response - AnsweriQ’s Auto Response builds on the ability of AI to learn from past customer ticket responses and the library of templated responses to automatically respond to tickets with 100% confidence. Our customers have seen upwards of 10% tickets completed auto answered and resolved in first response.

The answeriq platform offering also brings with it inbuilt capabilities to route cases by sentiment, language, priority, and customer tier so that your business can spend more time addressing customer needs than manually triaging cases. Also available with the platform are features to assist agents with templated responses and useful knowledge articles that are surfaced based on the relevance to the case that the agent is attending to.

AnsweriQ’s unique offerings helps your business eliminate fraction of cases using self service, reduce the average handle time for a case, increase CSAT by providing accurate and real time answers, improve agent productivity with smart article and macro suggestions, scale your customer service effectively.

How it Works

AnsweriQ app can be integrated to your Zendesk Support account in a single click and needs one time configuration. AnsweriQ’s sophisticated machine learning models train on your historical case data and create prediction models to suggest relevant articles, responses to agents and classification of cases and automations to run for the customer case. There is closed feedback loop that operates between the the agents actions and the AI models that continuously improves the accuracy of recommendations and keeps them up to date. Customers can access advanced real time product analytics dashboards to measure the performance of each product and continuously improve with AnsweriQ’s actionable insights to tune them. You can learn more about how it works here.

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