Agent Slack Shoutouts

Agent Slack Shoutouts

Use Slack to celebrate good Customer Satisfaction ratings and boost agent morale

Free and easy to set up, the Shoutouts app congratulates agents with comments from happy customers. This app

  1. surfaces positive comments left in Satisfaction surveys, and
  2. sends them to a #shoutouts Slack channel.

As many already know, this has some great benefits.

  • Agents feel appreciated by customers, and by their own team.
  • Agents see their personal impact on customer happiness.

Only "good" comments related to support will result in a Shoutout. Comments like:

Julia was sooo helpful! Service like this is why I always use you guys :)

Shoutouts is a fun and easy way to celebrate team wins, and build camaraderie.

Learn more at Shoutouts.

Visit the Shoutouts setup page (it's only a couple clicks!).

  1. Click to connect to Zendesk.
  2. Click to connect to Slack.
  3. In Slack, create a channel named shoutouts.
  4. Cheer!

Customer CSAT comments automatically begin appearing in the #shoutouts Slack channel.

Let your customers be your cheerleaders. Encourage and appreciate your agents.

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