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Supercharge customer support organizations with a powerful natural language understanding platform called Agatha. She’s your AI-powered customer support agent who immediately responds to customers to resolve their issues, automates many of the repetitive tasks agents spend valuable time doing, and provides real-time assistance and insights to agents and managers as they work to resolve issues more efficiently.

Solve 20% of issues automatically

Intercept between 10 to 20% of issues before they ever get to an agent’s desk with Agatha Solve, immediately reducing the clutter and making room to focus on other, more complex issues.

Triage tickets with 90% accuracy

Automatically categorize and route email and webform tickets according to department, skill, priority, or spam the moment they come in the door with Agatha Triage.

Assist agents by surfacing the best answers

Resolve tickets 30% faster with the power of Agatha Assist searching and surfacing the most accurate answers from historical customer support knowledge.

For more information, please visit our website https://www.forethought.ai/ to read more and to chat with us.

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