Permanent User Delete

Permanently delete Zendesk Users to Comply with GDPR.

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When deleting users in Zendesk the system by default soft deletes the user but keeps a reference of the user in the system. This removes the user and its tickets, and removes it from search results. But a reference of the user still resides on your Zendesk instance. See this Support article for more information.

To comply with GDPR and other privacy rules and regulations, you might want to fully erase the user from your Zendesk instance. Zendesk only allows for a manual delete of users one by one.

P ermanent User delete

This app allows you to permanently remove your deleted users in bulk so you can batch erase all data you wish to scrub from your system.


  • Zendesk allows for a deletion of 700 users every 10 minutes. You can only permanently remove already deleted users
  • You'll need to be an admin to permanently erase users.

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