Convert customer conversations into insights

We use natural language-processing (a form of artificial intelligence) to automatically tag your customer conversations. Using the ScopeAI dashboard your team can discover trending topics, track trends over time and gain unique insights to improve your customer experience. You can also create custom combinations of tags to track through our dashboard with the Explore Tool. ##ScopeAI lets you: - Track volume trends over time - Analyze sentiment correlated to customer feedback - Conduct deep-dives to understand underlying causes - Share reports with other teams and higher management

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Current ScopeAI Customer Instructions:

  • Head to the integrations page under the Settings tab.
  • Choose the Zendesk integration, add your zendesk subdomain and simply click install
  • You will be redirected to Zendesk where you wil have to login with your agent account then you should be setup!

New ScopeAI Customers

To get started, contact our team to customize your ScopeAI account. ScopeAI is priced on a simple per ticket basis. Integration is quick and easy and our team will guide you through every step of the process.

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