Nicereply for Zendesk Chat

Nicereply for Zendesk Chat

CSAT, NPS and Customer Effort Score for Zendesk chat


Nicereply helps hundreds of teams at companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Hubspot and Buffer to measure and improve the quality of their customer service.

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Connect Nicereply with your Zendesk Chat account and within minutes you can:

  • Increase your survey response rates by 200%
  • Get more feedback after each chat session
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score per agent, team or company-wide
  • Customize both the look and content of your surveys
  • See your data in Nicereply and analyse the performance of your agents
  • Set goals, track KPIs, generate reports and more...

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Customer Satisfaction

For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 others remain silent. Stop losing unhappy customers – let them express their feedback in a single click. Track CSAT in every interaction and take immediate action whenever your customer is dissatisfied.

Customer Effort Score

96% of customers who go through high-effort experience will not come back for second purchase. Use CES to identify and improve these experiences.

Net Promoter Score

Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times their initial purchase value. NPS measures the loyalty of your customers and divides them to Promoters, Passives and Detractors. Use NPS to build a loyal customer base.

Empower your Zendesk chat with Nicereply.

Make sure that you have an admin rights for both accounts.

  • In your Nicereply account choose the customer satisfaction metric in the "left menu", CSAT, NPS or CES. Click on "START CSAT/ START NPS/ START CES"
  • From distribution options choose "TRIGGER"
  • You’re on the app directory page now, click on Zendesk Chat icon
  • In the next step add your Zendesk Chat email address, and your Zendesk chat password

In some cases Zendesk doesn’t allow you to use your login & password. Don’t worry. You can still integrate with a Zendesk API token:

  • Go to your Zendesk Settings > Channels > API
  • If disabled, enable the "Token Access" option
  • Click on "+ (add new token)" link and use API token description "Nicereply" to create new token
  • Copy the API token (a long string of mixed chars & numbers) to your clipboard and hit "save"
  • Go back to Nicereply integration setup and check the "Use token access" option
  • Paste the Zendesk API token instead of a password

Complete integration manual:

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