Automate Customer Service Requests with Human-Directed AI Chatbots

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Automate up to 80% of live chat conversations within a few months.

Jenny is an easy-to-use chatbot platform for organizations needing to improve customer experience, increase customer service efficiency and reduce agent churn. Create conversational chatbots for any use case in internal and external communication. Jenny enables companies to increase business agility and ROI by automating customer service interactions.

Jenny helps customer service teams automate repetitive customer interactions with a platform for companies that want to quickly and easily train, deploy and maintain integrated chatbots without programming. Teams can resolve over 80% of chats automatically using Jenny. This cuts response times and reduces chat workloads, enabling customer service staff to focus on more complex cases that require emotional intelligence and life experience.

Improve Customer Experience - Offer instant customer service 24/7/365 with chatbots - Automate up to 80% of live chat conversations
- Shorten customer service response time

Increase Customer Service Productivity - Jenny does in a day the same amount of work as a human does in a month - Automation allows agents to focus on serious customer pain points - See quick returns as Jenny can go live within weeks

Reduce Customer Service Agent Churn - Jenny handles routine conversations for agents - Agents can focus on tasks that require empathy and life experience - Employee satisfaction increases through more meaningful and less stressful tasks

'By using the GetJenny chatbot solution, LocalTapiola's first chatbot, ChattiJenni, has independently managed 87% of the chats. Through ChattiJenni, we can offer customers an easy and fast round-the-clock service. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with GetJenny, and are looking forward to future projects' - Henna Maja, Head of Robotics, LocalTapiola.

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