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Companies spend more than USD $60 Billion a year on customer support, in that light communicating with a company is a painful process both for clients and brands. Long waiting times, long resolution times and high costs in customer service.

Gus Chat designs and implements tailormade Chatbots (Virtual Agents) that help brands with three main tasks.

  1. Automating up to 90% of customer queries without the need of an agent. Through AI and machines learning we design and train the chatbot so that it can answer customers questions automatically. 2.Increasing sales: Imagine having an agent available 24/7 that can sell vía all your chat channels. The chatbot guides the user in the chat channel through the buying process so that the user can easily carry out any purchase without any problems and without human intervention.
    1. Improve customer experience. Our chatbots are available 24/7 and provide useful assistance to users. Customer support that has no waiting times and can be accessed anywhere through your cellphone or laptop. Today we work with over 50 brands like AMEX, Cinépolis, Walmart, Best Day, and Cabify to help them revolutionize their customer support and their sales channels.

Our chatbots can be implemented in the most popular conversational channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LiveChat or any platform with the correspondent API.

Since the chatbot building process at Chat Gus is a collaborative work between our UX consultancy team and our clients, it is necessary to: 1. Go to our website at 2. Click on 'Charla con nosotros' 3. Schedule a demo And then our sales team will reach out to you.

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