Augment CXM

Monitor and improve customer interactions in real time so you never lose a customer again.

Augment's Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform gives your team real-time visibility into customer conversations to improve everyone's experience.

  • Predictive NPS and CSAT: Track NPS/CSAT in conversations in real-time to over 120,000,000 customer interactions to understand how every customer is feeling during the conversation
  • Instant Coaching: Understand when customer conversations are going sideways and bring a manager into coach the agent in real-time
  • Social Media Backlash Alerting: Get alerts before your customers take the discussion to Twitter and prevent social media fallouts from happening in the first place
  • Actionable Insights: Automatically identify the groups of employees and critical moments that are leading to the biggest drops in NPS/CSAT to help managers determine where to focus their time to drive improvements

Dyson's Customer Success Team
"With Augment's real-time tools, I have changed the way I manage my workforce to deliver happier customers"
-Jamie Young, Senior Director of CX

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