Customer Service Chabot powered by Artificial Intelligence

AgentBot is an automatic customer service solution that uses AI to understand and solve customer’s needs in real time.

With AgentBot, companies have reduced +50% of customer service costs.

  • All your FAQs, answered automatically 24/7

  • Reduce Customer Service costs by 50%

  • Simple management. No IT staff required

  • Deliver omnichannel experiences

  • Empathy and human-like dialogues

# AgentBot for Zendesk

Connect Zendesk Chat to AgentBot to provide a powerful and unified Customer Service experience. See how it works

  • Quick and easy set-up

  • Simple rules to transfer conversations from chatbot to agents using Zendesk Chat

  • Full history of chats to have complete customer details

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How to setup

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Already a customer?

Set up your integration in a few clicks

  • Go to the Integrations section and select Zendesk + AgentBot

  • Connect your Zendesk Chat account

  • Create or import your content (from Zendesk Guide or Excel)

Watch this video for more instructions.


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