Satisfaction Prediction

Satisfaction Prediction

Get one step ahead and predict bad customer satisfaction ratings before they happen

Add a new layer of intelligence to your customer service

Take a peek into the future by using Zendesk to predict customer satisfaction. With Satisfaction Prediction, you can get a better understanding of how a conversation is going—while you’re still in contact with the customer. Instead of waiting until the interaction is over for feedback, you can make changes in the moment to ensure a positive outcome.

Identify interactions that need urgent attention

Save time when manually reviewing interactions by using the prediction score to pinpoint interactions that need additional support.

Satisfaction Prediction

Enter conversations with more context

Use the satisfaction prediction score to gauge the temperature of the relationship. Receive immediate feedback on your actions as the prediction updates in real time.

Power business rules with prediction scores

Respond to urgent situations by including the prediction score in your business rules. Stop problems before they happen by prioritising tickets with low satisfaction prediction scores.

Measure your satisfaction prediction

Use Zendesk Explore to monitor how support metrics influence the prediction and find areas for improvement. Measure the health of different ticket queues and see how the prediction changes over time.

Focus on the experience

Easy Taxi strengthens relationships with their driver community using Zendesk. Leveraging predictive analytics, the team can be more efficient when serving their customer base.

"Previously, we had a dedicated team member who would look through our tickets and escalate experiences identified as potentially negative. Now we use the prediction score to accurately and automatically identify these types of tickets so our agents can focus on higher value areas."

Maggie Armato

Reactive Support Lead at Pinterest

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